Bakharwal Dog

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The Bakharwal dog is found in northern India. It is an ancient working Indian dog breed found across the Pir Panjal Range of India, where it has been bred for many centuries by the Bakarwal and Gujjar nomadic tribes, as a livestock guardian dog and settlement protector. While the Bakharwal Dog is mainly found in India, it is found in smaller numbers in Afghanistan and Pakistan.A recent study says that this breed is on the verge of extinction and Bakerwal community has appealed to include this animal in the endangered species category. Of late, there were many cases when this mountain breed of dog contracted rabies or was shot by separatist militants.

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Cette race est également appelée Bakarwal Dog, Bakarwal Mastiff, Bakerwal, Bakerwal Mastiff, Bakharwal, Bakharwal Dog, Gujar Dog, Gujar Watchdog, Gujjar, Gujjar Watchdog, Kashmir Mastiff, Kashmir Sheepdog, Kashmiri Bakerwal Dog, Kashmiri Bakharwal Dog, Kashmiri Mastiff ainsi que Kashmiri Sheepdog.

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