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The Combai, also known as the Indian Terrier, is a dog breed found in the foothills of Western Ghats of South India. The dog is famed for its aggression and loyalty and was almost driven to the brink of extinction but has now been revived in and around Tamil Nadu state by dog enthusiasts who have been instrumental in popularizing the breed in other states in India. It is considered an extremely loyal, intelligent and powerful native breed.Kombai has been recognised by Kennel Club of India and has been well represented in the shows conducted by their Tamil Nadu Chapter. The dog can be classified into terrier group for its balanced squarish structure, sharp movements, gait, trot, facial structure and tail hold. It has joined the Dog Breeding and Training School of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Bengaluru, on a pilot basis in 2020.

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Cette race est également appelée Combai ainsi que Kombai.

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