Ratonero Mallorquin

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The Ca Rater Mallorquí (Spanish: Ratonero mallorquín) is a Spanish breed of dog from the island of Majorca.The Ca Rater Mallorquí is used on Majorca to hunt rats and rabbits. The origins of the breed are rather unclear, with no documentary evidence of the breed before the late 19th century. In the early 20th century, Valencians migrated to the island of Mallorca and they may have brought some ratters with them, it is widely believed the Ca Rater Mallorquí is related to the Gos Rater Valencià and it is possible there were infusions of English terrier blood at some point in the breed's history.

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Cette race est également appelée Ca Rater Mallorquí, Majorca Ratter, Ratonero Mallorquin ainsi que Ratonero Mallorquín.

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