Molossus of Epirus

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The Molossus of Epirus (Greek: Μολοσσός της Ηπείρου) is an ancient livestock guardian dog breed from Greece. The breed has been bred since the age of Alexander the Great to protect livestock from carnivorous mammals including the wolf, the European jackal and the brown bear in the mountainous regions of Greece, especially in Epirus. The Molossus of Epirus is a pure Greek breed and is believed to be one of the main ancestors of today's mastiff breeds. Because of its long existence and development, the breed is extremely healthy and enduring. Few examples live outside Greece, mainly in the Balkans. The breed is closely related to the rare Greek Shepherd and is the sole surviving remnant of the "extinct" Molossus.

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Cette race est également appelée Epir Moloss / Molossus of Epirus, Epirote Molosser Dog / Molossus of Epirus, Epirus Mastiff / Molossus of Epirus, Mollosus / Molossus of Epirus, Molossos Tis Epirou / Molossus of Epirus ainsi que Molossus of Epirus.

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