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The Pungsan or Poongsan (Chosongul: 풍산개; Hanja: 豐山개) is a breed of hunting dog from Korea. They were bred in the Kaema highlands of what is now North Korea. The dogs were traditionally hunting dogs.The dog is a rare breed, and is sometimes smuggled over the North Korea–China border.During the 2000 inter-Korean summit, North Korean leader Kim Jong-il made a gift of two Pungsan dogs (associated with the North) to South Korean president Kim Dae-jung. In return, Kim Dae-jung gave two Jindo dogs (associated with the South) to Kim Jong-il. Born at the Pyongyang Central Zoo, the Pungsan dogs were originally named Dangyol (Unity) and Jaju (Independence), but were later renamed Uri (meaning We) and Duri (Two). They initially lived in the Blue House, the residence of the South Korean president, before being moved to the Seoul Zoo, where they gave birth to 15 puppies before both dying at age 13. During their lives, the dogs were accorded special status as guests of the state.At their Pyongyang summit in 2018, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un gave two Pungsan dogs to South Korean President Moon Jae-in. The male was named Songkang, and the female was named Gomi. Gomi gave birth to six puppies within two months afterwards, leading Moon to remark that she must have been pregnant when she was given to him. He later published photos of them at the Blue House on November 25, 2018, and labeled them as "peace gift" puppies.

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Cette race est également appelée Phungsan, Poongsan, Pungsan dog ainsi que Pungsangae.

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