Neva Masquarade


The Neva Masquarade (also Neva Masquerade) is the point variant of the Siberian cat. The first long-haired cats of this color were included in the breeding of the Siberian cat in Saint Petersburg. The variety was named Nevskaya Maskeradnaya because of the location of St. Petersburg at the river Neva and its unusual mask drawing in Russian, and in 1992, in the course of the recognition of the Siberian cat as a breed, the name Neva Masquarade, which is internationally common outside Russia, was given. Today Neva Masquarade is recognized in all cat registries worldwide: partly as a sister breed (FIFe, recognition: January 1, 2011), partly as a color variant of the Siberian cat. The breed standard is identical with that of the Siberian cat.

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Ook bekend als

Dit ras wordt ook wel Neva Masquarade en Neva Masquerade / Neva Masquarade genoemd.

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