Thai Cat


The Thai or Wichien Maat (Thai: วิเชียรมาศ, [wí.tɕʰīan.mâːt] (listen), RTGS: wichianmat, meaning 'diamond gold') is a newly renamed but old cat breed, related to but distinct from the Western, modern-style Siamese cat. This natural breed is descended from the cats of Thailand, and, among various groups of breeders in different times and places has also been called the Old-Style Siamese, Traditional Siamese, Classic Siamese; Wichien Maat (anglicised from the Thai name); and the Applehead, a nickname that originated in the 1950s (originally as a pejorative used by breeders of the modern-style, more extreme-featured Siamese). According to The International Cat Association: "The Thai is the breed dedicated to preserving the native pointed cat of Thailand in as close to its original form as possible."Compared to the modern-style, more extreme-featured Siamese, the traditional Thai breed (and native wichienmaat specimens) have a much more moderate appearance.

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Ook bekend als

Dit ras wordt ook wel Applehead, Classic Siamese, Old Style Siamese, Old-Style Siamese, Thai, Thai Cat, Traditional Siamese / Thai Cat, Wichianmat, Wichien Maat, Wichien-Maat en Wichienmaat genoemd.

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