Russisch-Europese laika


Russo-European Laika (Russko-Evropeĭskaya Láĭka) is the name of a breed of hunting dog that originated in the forested region of northern Europe and Russia, one of several breeds developed from landrace Laika dogs of Spitz type. The Russo-European Laika itself dates to a breeding program begun in 1944 by E. I. Shereshevsky of the All-Union Research Institute for the Hunting Industry, in Kalinin (now Tver) Province.

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Ook bekend als

Dit ras wordt ook wel Laĭka, Russian European Laika, Russisch-Europese laika, Russko-Evropeĭskaya Laĭka en Russo-European Laika genoemd.

Is uw hond een Russisch-Europese laika?

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