Tahitian Dog


The Tahitian Dog (Tahitian: ʻŪrī Mā’ohi, literally translated as 'native dog') is an extinct breed of dog from Tahiti and the Society Islands. Similar to other strains of Polynesian dogs, it was introduced to the Society Islands and Tahiti by the ancestors of the Tahitian (Mā’ohi) people during their migrations to Polynesia. They were an essential part of traditional Tahitian society; their meat was included in Tahitian cuisine and other parts of the dog were used to make tools and ornamental clothing. Dogs were fed a vegetarian diet and served during feasts as a delicacy. European explorers were the first outsiders to observe and record their existence, and they were served to early explorers including Captain James Cook. The Tahitian Dog disappeared as a distinct breed after the introduction of foreign European dogs.

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Ook bekend als

Dit ras wordt ook wel Otaheite Dog, Poe Dog, Pukui, Society Islands Dog, South Sea Dog, Tahitian Dog, Tahitian Poi Dog, Titcomb, Uri-Mahoi, ʻŪrī en ʻūrī mā’ohi genoemd.

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