Fjord (paard)


The Fjord horse or Norwegian Fjord Horse (Norwegian: fjordhest) is a relatively small but very strong horse breed from the mountainous regions of western Norway. It is an agile breed of light draught horse build. All Fjord horses are dun in colour, with five variations in shade recognised in the breed standard. One of the world's oldest breeds, it has been used for hundreds of years as a farm horse in Norway, and in modern times is popular for its generally good temperament. It is used both as a harness horse and under saddle.

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Ook bekend als

Dit ras wordt ook wel Fjord, Fjord (paard), Fjord (paardenras), Fjord Horse, Fjord Horse, Fjord Horses, Fjorden paard, Fjordenpaard, Fjording, Norwegian Fjord, Norwegian Fjord Horse en Norwegian Warmblood genoemd.

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