Rhenish Warmblood


The Rhenish Warmblood, German: Rheinisches Warmblut or Rheinisches Reitpferd, is a German warmblood breed of sport horse. It was registered with the Rheinisches Pferdestammbuch until 2014, when the Hannoveraner Verband took over management of the stud-book. It is traditionally bred around Warendorf State Stud, which it shares with the Westphalian, and is bred to the same standard as the Westphalian and other German warmbloods, such as the Bavarian Warmblood, Mecklenburger, Brandenburger, and Württemberger.

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Ook bekend als

Dit ras wordt ook wel Noble Warmblood, Rheinisches Warmblut, Rheinländer, Rhenish Warmblood, Rhenish Warmblood, Rhinelander en Rhinelander Horse genoemd.

Is je paard een Rhenish Warmblood?

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