Scandinavian Coldblood Trotter


A Coldblood Trotter may belong to either one of two closely related and interconnected breeds of horse: the Norsk Kaldblodstraver (Norwegian Coldblood Trotter) and the Svensk Kallblodstravare (Swedish Coldblood Trotter). Coldblood trotters, also known widely in international breed registries as Draft Trotters, are the result of crossbreeding lighter and faster horses with native coldblooded farm horses, either the Norwegian Dølehest or the North Swedish Horse. Although the Norwegian and Swedish coldblood trotters are substantially considered a single breed, two national studbooks are maintained, and registration requirements differ in some respects between the two countries.

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Ook bekend als

Dit ras wordt ook wel Coldblood Trotter, Draft Trotter, Norsk Kaldblodstraver, Norwegian Coldblood Trotter, Scandanavian Coldblood Trotter, Scandanivian Coldblood Trotter, Scandinavian Coldblood Trotter, Scandinavian Draft Horse Trotting, Svensk Kallblodstravare, Swedish Coldblood Trotter en Swedish Trotting genoemd.

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