Schleswig Coldblood


The Schleswig Coldblood (German: Schleswiger Kaltblut, Danish: Slesvigsk Koldblod) is a breed of medium-sized draught horse originally from the historic Schleswig region of the Jutland Peninsula, which today is divided between modern Denmark and Germany, and from which its name derives. It is found primarily in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein, and also, in smaller numbers, in Lower Saxony. It shares the origins, ancestry and much of the history of the Danish Jutland breed, and shows some similarity to the British Suffolk Punch. It is used in agriculture and forestry, and to draw coaches and wagons.

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Ook bekend als

Dit ras wordt ook wel Dad / Schleswig Coldblood, Hannoversches Kaltblut Schleswiger Ursprungs, Schleswig, Schleswig Coldblood, Schleswig Coldblood, Schleswig Heavy Draft, Schleswig Horse, Schleswiger Heavy Draft, Schleswiger Kaltblut en Slesvigsk Koldblod genoemd.

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