Sella Italiano


Sella Italiano is an equine breed created in Italy. The Italian Government has passed a law that created a stud book for the new breed. The breed is blending the remnant indigenous Italian breeds of Maremmano, Salernitano and Persano horse with Anglo Arabo Sardo, Purosangue Orientale, Arabian and Thoroughbred. The progeny of said horses can be registered as Sella Italiano if they can pass a “performance test”. Furthermore, the stud book is open to other European warmbloods if they can pass the performance test and be approved by the breed registry. The breed is intended to produce a sport horse which can compete successfully at the international level. The minimum height at the withers for the breed is set at 156 centimetres (15.1 hands; 61 in).

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Ook bekend als

Dit ras wordt ook wel Italian Sport Horse, Italian Warmblood en Sella Italiano genoemd.

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