The Walkaloosa is a horse breed that performs an intermediate ambling gait besides the trot. Simply stated, they are a gaited horse with Appaloosa patterning. Although the ApHC has years of crosses with many other styles of horses that became the breeds of Quarter Horse, Arabian and Thoroughbred, the breeders shied way from including the naturally gaited animals in their breeding program due to the dictates of the show ring. The Appaloosa Horse Club will, in fact, no longer accept for Registration, any foal with Appaloosa coloring and a parent from a "gaited" breed. In spite of this exclusion, many full blooded, registered Appaloosas still perform a natural ambling gait often referred to as the "Indian Shuffle".

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Ook bekend als

Dit ras wordt ook wel Gaited Appaloosa en Walkaloosa genoemd.

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