Villanuco de Las Encartaciones


The Villanuco de Las Encartaciones, Basque: Enkarterriko Billanuko, is a Spanish breed of small dog of ratter type. It originates in the comarca of Enkarterri (Spanish: Las Encartaciones) in the Basque Autonomous Community in northern Spain. It is one of five Basque breeds of dog, the others being the Basque Shepherd Dog, the Erbi Txakur, the Pachón de Vitoria and the Villano de Las Encartaciones, and one of fourteen animal breeds native to the País Vasco.It is critically endangered: in 2009 there were fewer than fifty examples.:599

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Também conhecido como

Esta raça também é chamada de Enkarterriko Billanuko, assim como Villanuco de Las Encartaciones.

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