Bruno Jura Hound


The Bruno Jura Hound is a breed of scent hound from the Jura Mountains on the French-Swiss border. The Bruno Jura Hound is a medium sized hound, it is usually black and tan or two-tone brown in colour with no white. The Bruno Jura Hound closely resembles the larger St. Hubert Jura Hound to which it is closely related, although it has less pendulous dewlaps.Both the Bruno Jura Hound and the St. Hubert Jura Hounds are closely related to nearby French hounds, all are believed to have descended from the St. Hubert Hound, the breed is found on the both sides of the French-Swiss border, some writers believe it is a French in origin but most describe it as Swiss.The Bruno Jura Hound is used by hunters in the Jura Mountains on the Swiss side of French-Swiss border to hunt fox, hare and small deer, it is said to be a very capable follower of faint scents, making is highly valued by local hunters when hunting in the arduous terrain in the area.

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Também conhecido como

Esta raça também é chamada de Bruno Jura Hound, Bruno Jura Laufhund, assim como Jura Type St. Hubert.

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