The Georgian Shepherd (Georgian: ქართული მთის ძაღლი) also known as Georgian Mountain Dog is a molosser-type livestock guardian breed of dog with ancient working origins in the Georgia Caucasus.There are two kinds of Georgian livestock guardian dogs: the short haired "Lion" type, typically pure white or white with dark patches on its coat and the long hair "Bear" type are typically dark brown to black head and lighter brown covering the rest of the coat. In Georgia they are known as, Qartuli Nagazi. The short hair "Lion" type is considered to the oldest or Aboriginal variant of the breed, with the pure white being the rarest coat color. The "Lion" variant was predominantly found in the north-east regions of Georgia: Kazbegi, Khevsureti, and Tusheti, but is also found in the adjacent mountainous border areas of Russia and Azerbaijan.

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Também conhecido como

Esta raça também é chamada de Georgian Dog, Georgian Mountain Dog, Georgian Mountain Dog ქართული მთის ძაღლი, Georgian Nagazi, Georgian Shepherd, Georgian Shepherd Dog, Pastor-da-geórgia, assim como Qartuli Nagazi Or Nagazi.

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