Karakachan Dog


The Karakachan dog, is a breed that originated in Bulgaria. It is related to the livestock guardian dogs of the surrounding countries: Romania to the north, Macedonia and Serbia to the west, and Greece and Turkey to the south. The dog is named after the Karakachans, Greek nomadic shepherds. Due to their conservative stock-breeding traditions, they have preserved some of the oldest breeds of domestic animals in Europe: the Karakachan sheep, Karakachan horse and the Karakachan dog. In the past, this dog was widely used in Bulgaria as a border army watchdog. Nowadays it is used primarily as a livestock guardian dog and property guard dog. The most numerous populations of working purebred livestock guarding Karakachan dogs are found in Bulgaria and the United States. The Karakachan was officially recognised as a Bulgarian native breed in 2005.

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Também conhecido como

Esta raça também é chamada de Bulgarian Shepherd, Bulgarian Shepherd Dog, Karakachan, Karakachan Dog, assim como Karakachan Shepherd.

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