Pequeno cão leão


The Löwchen or Little Lion Dog (German: Löwchen, "little lion"; French: Petit chien lion, "little lion dog") is a breed of dog. A small dog, they are considered by some registries as a toy dog and by the American Kennel Club as a non-sporting dog. The Löwchen once had the dubious distinction, like the Portuguese Water Dog and the Havanese, of being the rarest dog in the world. In 1973 there were only 65 registered examples of the breed. Even today, the breed generally has fewer than a few hundred new registrations each year worldwide.

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Também conhecido como

Esta raça também é chamada de Little Lion Dog, Loewchen, Lowchen, Löwchen, Pequeno cão leão, assim como Petit Chien Lion.

O seu cão é um Pequeno cão leão?

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