The Karachay (Karach.-Balk. Къарачай ат) is a horse breed developed in the Northern Caucasus. It comes from highland Karachay at the rise of the River Kuban. The Karachay is registered with number 9354442 (breeder № 1278) in the official journal of The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation (Moscow 2016). They were developed by crossing regional horses with eastern stallions. Karachay horses are summered in rugged mountain country where there are wide changes in temperature and humidity, and wintered in the foothill and plains with some hay feeding. These conditions make the Karachay horse strong-limbed and sturdy.

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Também conhecido como

Esta raça também é chamada de Anglo-Karachai, Charachay Horse, Karachai, Karachai Horse, Karachay, assim como Karachay Horse.

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