Kathiawari Horse


thumb The Kathiawari or Kathiawadi (Gujarati: કાઠીયાવાડી) is a breed of horse from the Kathiawar peninsula in western India. It is associated with the Kathi people of that area. It was originally bred as a desert war horse for use over long distances, in rough terrain, on minimal rations. It is closely related to the Marwari horses of Rajasthan; both breeds have been influenced by imported Arab horses. It is found in all colours except for black, and is most commonly chestnut. Its numbers diminished after Indian independence, and today there are few Kathiawaris left. In the past it was used as a war horse and cavalry mount. Today it is used for riding, in harness and for sports; it may be used as a police horse and for the sport of tent-pegging. A breed register is kept by the Kathiawari Horse Breeders' Association, which also organises annual shows.

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Também conhecido como

Esta raça também é chamada de Cutchi, Dad / Kathiawari Horse, Ihsi2, Kathi, Kathiawadi, Kathiawari, Kathiawari Horse, Kathiyawadi Horse, Kutchi, assim como કાઠીયાવાડી.

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