Welsh Pony and Cob


The Welsh Pony and Cob is a group of four closely-related horse breeds including both pony and cob types, which originated in Wales in the United Kingdom. The four sections within the breed society for the Welsh breeds are primarily distinguished by height, and also by variations in type: the smallest Welsh Mountain Pony (Section A); the slightly taller but refined Welsh Pony of riding type (Section B) popular as a children's show mount; the small but stocky Welsh Pony of Cob Type (Section C), popular for riding and competitive driving; and the tallest, the Welsh Cob (Section D), which can be ridden by adults. Welsh ponies and cobs in all sections are known for their good temperament, hardiness, and free-moving gaits. Native ponies existed in Wales before 1600 BC, and a Welsh-type cob was known as early as the Middle Ages. They were influenced by the Arabian horse, and possibly also by the Thoroughbred and the Hackney horse. In 1901, the first stud book for the Welsh breeds was established in the United Kingdom, and in 1907 another registry was established in the United States. Interest in the breed declined during the Great Depression, but revived in the 1950s. Throughout their history, the Welsh breeds have had many uses, including as a cavalry horse, a pit pony, and as a working animal on farms. Today, the modern Welsh Pony and Cob breeds are used for many equestrian competitive disciplines, including showing, jumping, and driving, as well as for pleasure riding, trekking and trail riding. The smaller types are popular children's ponies. The Welsh also crosses well with many other breeds and has influenced the development of many British and American horse and pony breeds.

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Esta raça também é chamada de ISSA Cob (Australia), Nederlands Welsh Ridepony, Welch Pony, Welsh, Welsh B, Welsh C (Of Cob Type), Welsh Cob, Welsh Cob (D), Welsh Cob (Section D), Welsh D (Cob), Welsh Mix, Welsh Mountain Pony, Welsh Mountain Pony (A), Welsh Mountain Pony (SEK.A), Welsh Mountain Pony (Section A), Welsh PB (Partbred), Welsh Partbred, Welsh Pony, Welsh Pony (B), Welsh Pony (Section B), Welsh Pony Cob-Typ (C), Welsh Pony and Cob, Welsh Pony of Cob Type, Welsh Pony of Cob Type (Section C), Welsh Section D, Welsh Section a and B, Welsh Sportpony, Welsh a (Mountain Pony), Welsh-Cob (Sek. C), Welsh-Cob (Sek. D), assim como Welsh-Pony (Section B).

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