Spaniel bretón


The Brittany is a breed of gun dog bred primarily for bird hunting. Although it is often referred to as a spaniel, the breed's working characteristics are more akin to those of a pointer or setter. Brittanys were developed in Brittany, a province in northwest France, between the 17th and 19th centuries, becoming officially recognized early in the 20th.

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También conocido como

Esta raza también se llama American Brittany Spaniel, Bretones, Bretón, Bretón Americano, Brittany, Brittany Dog, Brittany Spaniel, Brittany Wiegref, Epagneul Breton, French Brittany, Pointer Bretón, Spaniel Breton, Spaniel Bretón (error tipográfico), Spaniel bretón así como Wiegref Bretón.

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