Hortaya borzaya


The Hortaya borzaya (Russian: Хо́ртая Борза́я, IPA: [ˈxortəjə bɐrˈzajə], Ruthenian and Ukrainian: Xopт, Lithuanian: Kurtas, shorthaired sighthound) is an old Asian sighthound breed originating in the former Kievan Rus, later Grand Duchy of Lithuania (later Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth) and Russian Empire. It is a dog of large size, of lean but at the same time robust build, of considerably elongated proportions. In its everyday life the hortaya is quiet and balanced. It has a piercing sight, capable of seeing a moving object at a very far distance. In spite of its calm temperament the dog has a very active reaction to running game. Hortaya are excellent, enduring hunting dogs endowed with a good, basic obedience and completely lacking aggression towards humans.

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También conocido como

Esta raza también se llama Chort, Chortaj, Chortaja Borzaja, Chortaja borzaja, Hort, Hortaya, Hortaya borzaya, Horty, Hrt, Kurtas, Kурч así como Xорт.

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