Vanjari Hound


The Banjara Hound, also known as the Vanjari Hound, is a breed of dog found in India. It is a sighthound-type dog bred and used for hunting by the nomadic Banjara of Maharashtra. The Banjara Hound is a rough coated breed of sighthound usually brindle or solid coloured, it resembles a large Saluki, standing around 28 in (71 cm), and is famed for its stamina and ability to pull down deer.

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También conocido como

Esta raza también se llama Banjara Hound, Banjāri Greyhound, Banjāri Hound, Vanchāri Hound, Vanjari Hound, Vanjāri Hound, Wanjāri Hound así como വഞ്ചാരി ഹൗണ്ട്.

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