Lehmkuhlener Pony


The Lehmkuhlener Pony is a rare pony breed from Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. It originates from the Lehmkuhlen estate near Preetz in Schleswig-Holstein and was first established in the first quarter of the 20th century as a private breeding program of the Agnes Baroness von Donner. Later it was listed in the herd book of the German Small Horse Stud Book at the Association of Small Horse Breeders in Germany. With a stock of 13 animals in 2000, including 8 stallions and 5 mares, it is listed in category I (extremely endangered) in the Red List of the Society for the Preservation of Old and Endangered Pet Breeds.

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También conocido como

Esta raza también se llama Lehmkuhlen Pony así como Lehmkuhlener Pony.

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