The Nordlandshest/Lyngshest also known as the "Northlands horse" or "Northlands pony", is a horse breed originating in Norway. It is the smallest of the three Norwegian national horse breeds. It originated in Lyngen, but was given the name Nordlandshest in 1968 by breeders in that area. The name change was hotly disputed by breeders in Lyngen and surrounding areas, but a compromise was later reached, and today the official name of the breed is both Nordlandshest and Lyngshest.

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También conocido como

Esta raza también se llama Lyngen Horse, Lyngshest, Nordland Horse, Nordland Pony, Nordlandshest, Nordlandshest/ Lyngshest, Nordlandshest/Lyngshest, Nordlandshester, Northland Horse, Northland Pony así como Northlands Pony.

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