Russian Heavy Draft


The Russian Draft or Russian Heavy Draft (Russian: Русский тяжеловоз, Russkii Tyazhelovoz) is a Russian breed of draft horse. It was bred in Imperial Russia in the second half of the nineteenth century, and until after the Russian Revolution was known as the Russian Ardennes. It is one of a number of draft breeds developed there at approximately the same time, others being the Lithuanian Heavy Draft, the Soviet Heavy Draft and the Vladimir Heavy Draft; it is both the oldest and the smallest of them.:499 The present name dates from the Soviet era, and was used from 1952.:277

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También conocido como

Esta raza también se llama Dad / Russian Heavy Draft, Russian Ardennes, Russian Draft, Russian Heavy Draft, Russian Heavy Draught, Russkaya Tyazhelovoznaya, Russkii Tyazhelovoz así como Русский тяжеловоз.

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