Sakhalin Husky


The Sakhalin Husky, also known as the Karafuto Ken (樺太犬), is a breed of dog formerly used as a sled dog, but now nearly extinct. As of 2015, there were only 7 of these huskies left on their native Sakhalin island.In 2011, there were only two surviving purebred members of the breed in Japan. The sole remaining breeder on Sakhalin, Sergey Lyubykh, located in the Nivkh village of Nekrasovka, died in 2012, but before his death stated that there were no longer enough living specimens of the breed to allow for the genetic diversity necessary for continued breeding.

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Ook bekend als

Dit ras wordt ook wel Karafuto Ken, Karafuto-Ken en Sakhalin Husky genoemd.

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