American Hairless Terrier


The American Hairless Terrier is a breed of feist from the United States that was derived from the Rat Terrier. The breed descends from a single Rat Terrier that was born in 1972 in Louisiana whose descendants were bred for hairlessness. Originally registered as a hairless variety of Rat Terrier, in 2004 the United Kennel Club granted the American Hairless Terrier recognition, in 2016 the American Kennel Club followed suit. Many American Hairless Terriers are still born with a coat, recognised as a coated variety.In conjunction with the American rat terrier it is reported that one of the sports of owning them was making competitive wagers about whose dog could kill the most mice or rats within a given time. One terrier was released into a barn, and in seven hours it killed 2,501 rats in a single barn.

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