Kelpie australiano


The Australian Kelpie, or simply Kelpie, is an Australian sheep dog successful at mustering and droving with little or no guidance. It is a medium-sized dog and comes in a variety of colours. The Kelpie has been exported throughout the world and is used to muster livestock, primarily sheep, cattle and goats. The breed has been separated into two distinct varieties: the Show (or Bench) Kelpie and the Working Kelpie. The Show Kelpie is seen at conformation dog shows in some countries and is selected for appearance rather than working instinct, while the Working Kelpie is bred for working ability rather than appearance.

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Também conhecido como

Esta raça também é chamada de Austrailian.Kelpie, Australian Kelpie, Australian Sheep Dog, Barb, Cão D'Água Australiano, Farmer Dog, Kelpie, Kelpie australiano, assim como The Kelpie.

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