Braque Dupuy


The Braque du Puy was an old breed of hunting dog in France, bred for hunting in the lowlands and known for being fast and flexible. The breed was created in Poitou in the 19th century by crossing other Braques with greyhound-type dogs. One story is that two brothers named du Puy crossed their Braque Francais dog with a Sloughi brought back from Africa by a French soldier. Colour of the Braque du Puy was white with orange or liver coloured marks, and was a medium to large size. The breed has now either died out or has died out in its original form, although the type may be reconstituted from other breeds and called Braque du Puy (or variants of the name) for the rare breed pet market in various parts of the world. The Braque du Puy was known for its refined, sight hound-like appearance and its skill as a hunting companion. The Braque du Puy was relatively popular at one point although it never achieved the numbers or fame of some other French Braques. The Braque du Puy is now generally considered extinct, although a few fanciers insist that the breed continues to exist in remote regions of Europe, and Braque du Puys are even occasionally offered for sale through rare breed dealers although these dogs are likely recreations rather than the original breed. The Braque du Puy is also known as the Braque Dupuy, the Dupuy Pointer, and the Du Puy Pointer.

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Auch bekannt als

Diese Rasse wird auch Braque Dupuy, Braque Dupy, Braque Levrier, Braque Lévrier sowie Braque du Puy genannt.

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