Braque Du Puy


The Braque Dupuy, also known as the Dupuy Pointer, was a breed of pointer from the Poitou region of France.The Braque Dupuy is more closely related to the English Pointer than it is to the other French braque breeds; its foundation stock was extensively outcrossed to the English Pointer and some believe there were minor introductions of Greyhound and Sloughi bloodlines, giving the breed additional pace. Other stories abound about the breed's genesis, one that it was created from by a breeder named Dupuy from Braque Francais dogs from the kennels of the Marquis of Rochelambert, another that it was an ancient breed saved from extinction during the French Revolution by a gamekeeper named Dupuy in the Abbey of Argensois, another that it was created in the 19th century by two gamekeeper brothers named Dupuy who crossed a Braque Francais bitch with a Sloughi dog named Zidar, another that it was created by a huntsman named Dupuy who crossed his wonderful bitch Leda with a dog of unknown ancestry named Mylord, and finally another in which the breed was created by crossing an exceptional Poitou Pointer with an imported Greyhound.The Braque Dupuy has a long slender head and generally racy appearance, reminiscent of a sighthound, it is the tallest of the French braque breeds, standing 65 to 69 centimetres (26 to 27 in), and is predominantly white with dark brown markings and has an undocked tail, it is not well known outside of France, was always rare within France and is generally believed to be extinct today, although there are claims to the contrary.



这种品种也被称为Braque Du Puy, Braque Dupuy, Braque Dupy, Dupuy Pointer, Greyhound Braque,也叫Greyhound Pointer

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