Catopuma badia


The bay cat (Catopuma badia), also known as Borneo bay cat and Bornean bay cat, is a wild cat endemic to the island of Borneo that appears to be relatively rare compared to sympatric wild cats, based on the paucity of historical, as well as recent records. Since 2002, it has been listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List because it is estimated that fewer than 2,500 mature individuals exist, and that the population declined in the past. The bay cat has been recorded as rare and seems to occur at relatively low density, even in pristine habitat.

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También conocido como

Esta raza también se llama Badiofelis badia, Bay, Bay cat, Bornean Bay Cat, Bornean Cat, Bornean Marbled Cat, Bornean Red Cat, Borneo Bay Cat, Catopuma Badia, Catopuma badia, Gato de Borneo, Gato de la bahia, Gato de la bahía, Pardofelis Badia así como Pardofelis badia.

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