The Karabair, (Uzbek: Qorabayir, Kazakh: Qarabaıyr; Tajik: қаробоҳирӣ, Ķaroboḩirī; Russian: Карабаирская), is a long-established horse breed from Central Asia, and particularly from Uzbekistan and northern Tajikistan.:290 It results from the cross-breeding of desert horses of Arabian or Turkmene type from the south with steppe horses from the north. It is a small, agile and versatile horse that can be used for riding or driving.:84 It is well suited to local horse sports, and especially to the Uzbek national game, kokpar.:291 It is also used for meat and milk production; the milk may be made into kumis.In 2003 a total population of 138,400 Karabair horses was reported by Uzbekistan.

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También conocido como

Esta raza también se llama Karabair, Karabairskaya así como Qarabair.

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