Latvian Horse


The Latvian Horse (Latvian: Latvijas šķirne or Latvijas zirgi) is a purpose-bred warmblood horse breed from Latvia. Breeding began in Latvia in the early twentieth century,:316 and a herd book was established in 1927. The breed was officially recognised in 1952. There are two types, sometimes called the Latvian Harness Horse and the Latvian Riding Horse.:276 The harness type was predominant until about 1960, when demand for sport horses increased and more of the saddle type were bred.:316

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Conosciuto anche come

Questa razza è anche chiamata Barb / Latvian Horse, Dad / Latvian Horse, Dad2, Dad3, Dmit, Edwards, Latvian, Latvian Carriage Horse, Latvian Coach Horse, Latvian Draught, Latvian Harness Horse, Latvian Horse, Latvian Riding Horse, Latvian Warmblood, Latviiskaya, Latvijas Zirgi e Latvijas šķirne.

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