Latvian Horse


The Latvian Horse (Latvian: Latvijas šķirne or Latvijas zirgi) is a purpose-bred warmblood horse breed from Latvia. Breeding began in Latvia in the early twentieth century,:316 and a herd book was established in 1927. The breed was officially recognised in 1952. There are two types, sometimes called the Latvian Harness Horse and the Latvian Riding Horse.:276 The harness type was predominant until about 1960, when demand for sport horses increased and more of the saddle type were bred.:316

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Also known as

This breed is also called Barb / Latvian Horse, Dad / Latvian Horse, Dad2, Dad3, Dmit, Edwards, Latvian, Latvian Carriage Horse, Latvian Coach Horse, Latvian Draught, Latvian Harness Horse, Latvian Horse, Latvian Riding Horse, Latvian Warmblood, Latviiskaya, Latvijas Zirgi as well as Latvijas šķirne.

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