Pyrenean Sheepdog, Longhaired


The Pyrenean Shepherd (known in France originally, and also in non-AKC registries such as the UKC, as the Berger des Pyrénées, and in Spain as the Pastor de los Pirineos) is a medium-small breed of dog native to the Pyrenees mountains in southern France and northern Spain, bred since at least medieval times for herding livestock, especially sheep. It worked as an active herder together with the Great Pyrenees, another breed, which acted as the flock's guardian.



この品種は、Berger Des Pyrenees, Berger Des Pyrenese, Berger de Pyrenees, Berger des Pyrénées, Petit Berger, Pyrenean Sheepdog, Pyrenean Sheepdog, Longhaired, Pyrenean Shepherd, Pyrenean Shepherd Dogだけでなく、Pyrenees Sheepdogとも呼ばれています。

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