Gascon Saintongeois


This page is about the breed of dog. For the type of cattle, see Gascon cattle. For the type of language, see Gascon language. The Gascon Saintongeois (FCI No.21) is a breed of dog of the scenthound type, recognised in two sizes, Grand (large) and Petit (smaller than the Grand, but not a small dog). Originating in France, the breed is used for hunting in packs and descends from the old Hound of Saintonge type of large hunting dog.



这种品种也被称为Gascon Saintongeois, Gascon-Saintongeois, Grand Gascon Saintongeois, Grand Gascon-Saintongeois, Petit Gascon Saintongeois, Petit Gascon-Saintongeois, Verelade,也叫Virelade

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