The Anglo-Arabian or Anglo-Arab is a crossbred, part-Arabian horse that now also has its own status as a horse breed. It is the result of a Thoroughbred (hence, the prefix "Anglo") being crossed with an Arabian. The cross can be made between a Thoroughbred stallion and an Arabian mare, or vice versa. It can also be a cross between either an Anglo-Arab and a Thoroughbred or, alternatively, an Anglo-Arab and an Arabian. Another permitted cross is between two Anglo-Arabians. No matter the cross, a horse must have a minimum 12.5% of Arabian blood to be considered an Anglo-Arabian. France is one of the greatest producers of Anglo-Arabians. The French Anglo-Arab traces back to two stallions: the Arabian stud Massoud and Aslam, a "Turkish" horse, probably of the now-extinct Turkoman or "Turkmene" breed. These Syrian imports were then crossed with a trio of Thoroughbreds, specifically, the Comus Mare, the Selim Mare, and Daer. Some years later, three of their daughters — Clovis, Danae, and Delphine — formed the foundation of the French Anglo-Arabian breeding program. The program's primary Anglo-Arab breeding farm, Pompadour National Anglo-Arab Stud, is located in Arnac-Pompadour, a commune of central France's Corrèze department, home to the famous Château de Pompadour. In addition, the area serves as the French National Stud's headquarters. The Anglo-Arabian possesses one of France's oldest studbooks, and the Selle Français, the country's leading sport horse, still bears the stamp of significant Anglo-Arab influence. In the past, the Anglo-Arab has been used for military purposes. However, at present, its most prominent occupation is that of a general riding or sport horse. The breed does well in eventing, due to its stamina, speed, and jumping ability. In the United States, the Anglo-Arabian is considered a "part-bred" Arabian and, as a result, is registered within a separate section of the Arabian Horse Association.



这种品种也被称为Anglo Arab, Anglo Arabian, Anglo Arabian Thoroughbred, Anglo-Arab, Anglo-Arabian, Anglo-Arabian Horses,也叫French Anglo-Arab

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