Criollo Horse


The Criollo (in Spanish), or Crioulo (in Portuguese), is the native horse of the Pampas (a natural region between Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, in South America) with a reputation for long-distance endurance linked to a low basal metabolism. The breed, known for its hardiness and stamina, is popular in its home countries. The word criollo originally referred to human and animals of pure-bred Spanish ancestry that were born in the Americas, or, in Portuguese crioulo, to animals or slaves born in the Americas. In time, the meaning of the word would simply come to refer to native breeds of the Americas.



这种品种也被称为Argentine Criollo, Argentinian Horse, Criollo, Criollo (Uruguay), Criollo Horse, Criollo Mestizo, Crioulo,也叫Crioulo Horse

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