Trotters are several breeds of horses that are used in trotting races. Modern trotters are the result of a purposeful horse breeding over generations. Originally, one bred particularly efficient carriage horses and the first trotting races were nothing else but special breeding performance tests. Today trotters are bred exclusively for the trotting race track. In addition to the three basic gaits walk, trot and canter, many trotters also have a genetic disposition to tolt and pass through the influence of the American Standard Breed. In the USA the horses are not only used for trotting races but also for passport races. The horses run in front of a so-called sulky, in which the driver takes a seat.



这种品种也被称为Harness Drivers, Harness Race, Harness Racer, Harness Racing, Harness Racing Breeds, Matinee Racing, Pacing Horse, Racehorse Driving, Trotter, Trotting Horse,也叫Trotting Races

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