Anatolian Shepherd Dog


The Anatolian Shepherd or Kangal Shepherd Dog (Anadolu çoban köpeği) is a livestock guardian dog breed that originated in the peninsula of Anatolia, which today forms a large portion of Turkey. The Anatolian Shepherd is rugged, large, and very strong, with good sight and hearing that allow it to protect livestock. With its high speed and agility, it is able to run down a predator with great efficiency. Historically, the Anatolian Shepherd has been treated and categorized as a separate breed from the Kangal Shepherd Dog by some canine registries, but is now regarded as part of the same breed population.



这种品种也被称为Anadolulu Karabaş, Anatolian Karabas, Anatolian Karabash, Anatolian Mastiff, Anatolian Shepard, Anatolian Shepherd, Anatolian Shepherd Dog, Central Anatolian Shepherd Dog, Coban Koepegi, Coban Kopegi, Coban Köpegi, Kangal, Karabaş / Anatolian Shepherd Dog,也叫Turkish Shepherd Dog

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