Dragon Li


The Dragon Li is a recently established Chinese breed of domestic cat (also called Chinese Li Hua or China Li Hua as a standardized breed, depending on breed registry). It was developed from a common landrace of cats in China, known as 貍花貓, Pinyin: lí huā māo, literally 'fox flower cat' (sometimes shortened to 花貓 huā māo or 貍貓 lí māo;) the native cats are featured in some Chinese folklore stories. The derived standardized breed is recognized by China's Cat Aficionado Association (CAA) the US-based, international Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA).



この品種は、China Li Hua, Chinese Fox Flower Cat, Chinese Li Hua, Chinese Lia Hua, Dragon Li, Li Hua Mao, Li Hua Mau, Lí hua māo, Zh-Latnだけでなく、貍花貓とも呼ばれています。

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