Siwalu Software GmbH

Our vision is the development of an universal animal recognition to enable real-time monitoring of the global biodiversity.

Siwalu Software GmbH develops AI-based image recognition, which can be described as "Shazam for animal recognition". Animals play a very important role in human life. Our apps are a smart mobile solution for animal lovers to better understand animals and to learn about the diversity of nature. In the future, automatic animal recognition through artificial intelligence shall enable a real-time monitoring of the biodiversity, so that threatening changes can be detected in time by an early warning system in order to initiate necessary measures.

The Founders

The Founders

Kai Lübke


Co-Founder & CEO

Tim Terfort


Co-Founder & CTO

We founded Siwalu Software in 2019 driven by our enthusiasm for technology and innovation. In addition to our entrepreneurial passion, we also share a long-lasting friendship that serves as an excellent basis for successful collaboration. Furthermore, we are driven by the common vision of helping to improve the environment by combining technology and nature.

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Entering a highly dynamic market with an innovative product requires numerous skills, so that diverse opinions and experiences encourage creative problem-solving within the team. This is why we strive to provide an open and stimulating working environment with a team of passionate, diverse and talented people.

We are open to people who have distinguished themselves during their work, projects or education, but we do not limit ourselves to individual criteria - progress is the result of different experiences, viewpoints and ideas.

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