Integrate our breed detection AI into your own products

Boost your own products into the age of Artificial Intelligence and stand out as the most innovative leader of your branch. We’ve developed a REST-API which allows you to identify any dog, cat or horse breed wherever you want.

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Integrate our breed detection AI into your own products

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Using our AI provides you with an unlimited number of new possibilities. Whether you simply want to replace a manual breed selection, implement innovative advertising and targeting methods or add gamification features to your own app, website or any other of your digital products. We've collected some common use cases for you:

For pet owners, buying pet food and supplies is already easy: they just need to go online and use your webshop. However, buying the right food for the beloved pet by evaluating hundreds of different products is tough work and more importantly it's boring.

As a pet supply provider, you can now simplify and gamify this process for your customers. Integrate our AI into your webshop and all your customers need to do is taking a picture of their pet. Afterwards, you can provide them the most appropriate products. Whether you only want to distinguish between several pet sizes, or directly offer breed-specific pet food: your customers will love to see what you got to offer specifically for their beloved ones. And it's fun!

By the way, you can integrate our API not only in your webshop or in a smartphone app, but also in any device you want to place in your local stores.
Each year, millions of cats and dogs enter the shelter system with a huge number being strays. Thus, cats and dogs often have an unknown history and breed heritage, and as DNA testing is expensive and time consuming, breed identification is often left to the shelter staff.

In this particular situation, it's especially important to know the breed of the rescued animals though. It's almost crucial for finding an appropriate adopter going to love the rescue dog or cat along with all their habits. We're very happy to assist shelter voluntaries by improving the process of identifying unknown cat and dog breeds.
We've turned our cell phones into smartphones a decade ago. Unfortunately, their cameras still aren't that smart yet. It's time for a change. A camera is the perfect place to integrate handy and entertaining tools to seamlessly let the user interact with his/her visual surrounding. Our breed identification AI can be built right into any camera, whether part of a smartphone or not, to boost their technology to the next level.
Simplify and gamify the process of breed-specific insurances by integrating our breed identification AI into the application process. All your customers need to do is taking a picture of their pet. Afterwards, you can provide them the insurance that suits the identified breed the best.
We are aware that there are many other possibilities besides the use cases already mentioned. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to discover new scenarios and chat about your own vision.

Outstanding Accuracy

You'll get the most accurate breed identification available worldwide.
It's the same AI which we are using in our own apps.

90+ %

The accuracy of our apps is above 90%.


Our Dog Scanner, Cat Scanner and Horse Scanner apps are the leading apps for any digital breed identification.

87 %

Of our users rate our apps with four or five stars.

590+ Breeds

We're supporting all official breeds and even some more.

API Subscription Levels

We offer two access levels to perfectly suit your needs. Get started with our basic business package or choose our enterprise subscription to get the ultimate experience.

Basic Business

  • All breeds (590+)
  • Mixed breeds, too
  • Can be implemented into any of your digital products
  • Limited number of requests per day
  • Standard speed
  • Attribution required
    (e.g. "powered by Dog Scanner")
  • Basic data insights
  • Basic priority:
    Workload is shared with other API users


  • All breeds (590+)
  • Mixed breeds, too
  • Can be implemented into any of your digital products
  • Unlimited number of requests per day
  • Maximum speed
  • No attribution required
  • Improved data insights
  • High Priority:
    Not affected by other API users

If you got any further custom needs, we are happy to advise you, too!

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