Dog/Cat Scanner – Privacy Policy

In general, this app (Dog/Cat Scanner) does not access any sensitive data which would allow an explicit user identification (such as name, email, etc.). If the app’s online mode is active, images provided by the user will be uploaded anonymously to a server. The server will use that data only for the purpose of a temporary classification. No media is stored permanently, except the user explicitly confirms an optional upload. Such a voluntary upload can help to improve the app’s accuracy in future releases. In each case, those images will never be published or shared with any third party.

Requested permissions (such as the write access to the sd card) are necessary for the app‘s actual purpose and won‘t be used for anything else either.

In the case of an app failure or crash, some technical information might be collected and send to Crashlytics. These information are used for debugging purposes only and do not contain any user-sensitive data, but are anonymous. More information about the usage of Crashlytics can be found on the following website:

Furthermore, this app uses Google Analytics to anonymously track usage data within the application. This way the developer can see which features should be enhanced or added to satisfy the user‘s needs.

If you have any further questions regarding this policy, feel free to contact me: .

Last change: 03 Sep 2018