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See a dog, but don’t know its breed?

Take a picture and find out! This app will determine it automatically for you.

Got a mixed breed?

No problem, we will tell you which breeds have been mixed!

No dog around?

Just scan a friend of yours and find out which dog he or she looks like!

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More Features

    • Supports all dog breeds *
    • Dog database containing information and pictures of all breeds (even the unofficial ones) can be used without scanning anything, too
    • Dog Scanner supports scanning dog images from your gallery, too
    • Improved accuracy when taking a short video clip instead of a single image
    • Integrated camera with pinch to zoom and tap to focus
    • Share your result with your friends by sending an image right out of the Dog Scanner App
    • User feedback: tell us, if your result is right and ..
      • .. you‘ll get the most useful tips to improve your result
      • .. the app will automatically learn to get more accurate
    • Simply translate the app into your language by using the integrated website
    • Small app size

Optional premium features

    • Get your results faster
    • Configure your scans to be extra fast or even more accurate
    • Offline mode: no need for an active Internet connection any longer
    • No ads at all

Dog Scanner – Screenshots


* Different organizations define different breed standards. This app lists all breeds according to the international definition of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) as well as some more. Futhermore, you can use the Dog Scanner app to vote for even more (inofficial) dog breeds to be supported soon.


This app can not transform your smartphone into a crazy space ship being able to extract the blood of your dog with a magic laser. The app gives educated predictions based on what it sees. On average, those predictions are quite accurate. However, it‘s obvious that the result can only be as good as the image/video you provide to the app. Furthermore, it‘s impossible to get each and every individual dog detected correctly. People tend to take it personal, if their own beloved dog isn‘t predicted right though. If you give the app a chance in the first place, you‘ll see that its overall performance is pretty decent. Instead of having to pay a lot of money for a DNA test, you‘re getting this app for free. Enjoy!

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There is a Cat Scanner app, too!
There is a Cat Scanner app, too!