Arabian Mau


The Arabian Mau is a formal breed of domestic cat, originated from the desert cat, a short-haired landrace native to the desert of the Arabian Peninsula. It lives in the streets and deserts of the Arabian Peninsula and has adapted very well to its extreme climate. The Arabian Mau is recognized as a formal breed by few fancier and breeder organization and cat registry, World Cat Federation (WCF) and Emirates Feline Federation (EFF). Based on one landrace, the Arabian Mau is a natural breed. It is medium in size, with a body structure that is rather large and firm, not particularly slender, and with well-developed musculature. The legs are comparatively long, with oval paws. The head appears round but is slightly longer than broad. The nose is slightly concave curved when viewed in profile. The whisker pads are clearly pronounced, with a slight pinch. The chin is very firm. The eyes are slightly oval, large and slightly slanted. The cat may have any normal cat eye color. There is no relation between the eye and coat colors. Usually, Arabian Maus have bright green eyes. The ears are large, slightly forward and sideward-placed, a little long, and high-set on the skull.The tail is generally of medium length and tapers slightly towards the tip. The coat is short and lies close to the body. It has no undercoat and is firm to touch. It may not be silky but is noticeably very glossy.

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Also known as

This breed is also called Arabian Mau as well as Desert Cat / Arabian Mau.

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